Is Everyone a Candidate for LASIK or Refractive Surgery?

Very often we heard those who are wearing glasses or contact lenses that “One day I’m going to laser off my power”. However, majority of them are not aware of their suitability for Refractive Surgery. Some of those who are desperate to get their eyesight corrected surgically may not be a good candidate. Here are some basic requirements to qualify a person undergoing Refractive Surgery:


  1. Healthy Eyes

There should not be any eye diseases (especially corneal abnormalities) prior to Refractive Surgery. The reason is that any untreated eye disease or corneal abnormalities can affect the result of procedure. This is why we advise a comprehensive eye assessment before you proceed with any eye treatment. In fact, everyone should get at least one comprehensive eye assessment per year to examine the health of their eyes regardless of the consideration of any treatment. Certain eye diseases can be treated if it is detected early during the comprehensive eye assessment.

  1. You Must Be Able to Refrain from Contact Lens Wear

Before you go for Pre-Operative Eye Assessment or Refractive Surgery, your doctor or optometrist will advise you to refrain from wearing your soft contact lenses for about 1 week (Hard contact lenses – 1 month). This is because contact lens wear can change the shape of the outer part of your eye – cornea and results in inaccurate examination and treatment planning. In many cases, insufficient contact lens laying off period can cause dry eye in patients and they have to defer surgery day. Patients who are concerned about their eyeglasses look will need to schedule their eye assessment and surgery appropriately.

  1. You Must Be an Adult

A patient must be at least 18 years old to undergo Refractive Surgery. Most providers will not perform Refractive Surgery on those patients who are under 18 years old because they tend to have unstable eye prescription.

  1. You Must Be Able to Lie Flat without Discomfort

Although the laser correction is usually done within 1 minute, the whole procedure will take up to approximately 20 minutes to complete as your eye doctor needs to clean your eyes after the procedure. Patients will need to lie down on the bed throughout the treatment. For those who are having health conditions that may affect lying down posture, we advise them to treat the condition before going for Refractive Surgery.


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