How to Choose the Right Eye Doctor for your LASIK or Refractive Surgery?

Making the decision for a life-changing procedure – Refractive Surgery is difficult. But, what is more difficult is to choose the right eye doctor to perform the procedure for you. Here are some tips for you in order to choose the best doctor effectively:

Get recommendation from your physician. For those who have a family doctor, paediatrician or gynaecologist, you may ask for their recommendations on who you should consult for a Refractive Surgery. These doctors have known you for long time and they will not put their reputation or your trust at risk by referring the wrong doctor. Furthermore, your physician knows your medical history and he or she can be the best person to help you in choosing an eye doctor that specializes in your needs. You may also ask the reason of them recommends a particular surgeon to you. Run a check up on the medical portal of doctors ( Singapore Medical Council ) to find out the credential of the doctor.

Ask your friends or relatives. If there is someone you know who has had their eyesight corrected, you may ask for their recommendations. They would be able to tell you how is their result and experience in a specific eye specialist centre. Sometimes they can even bring you to the eye specialist centre that they have visited. This may make your first visit to that centre being more comfortable since your friends or relatives know the staffs over there.

Ask the staffs in the eye specialist centre. Well, you may not be convinced with this as staffs are generally on the side of their own doctor. However, it may be helpful by asking the staffs more specific questions such as:

  • Does your doctor patiently answer questions from patients?
  • Would you recommend your doctor to your relatives?
  • Can you share the credentials of your doctor?
  • May I read the testimonials from your patients?

Meet the eye doctor. No other way can describe a person better than you personally see him/her. This is in fact the most direct way of deciding your refractive surgeon. Very often that trust is built up after your own experience with the doctor. So, it is time to schedule an appointment to meet the surgeon.







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